Aqua Glass Bubble Cabinet Handles Drawer Pulls 4 Inch Slim Style

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Aqua Glass Bubble
 4-Inch Slim Style
Cabinet Handles, Drawer Pulls


Aqua glass bubble accents on each end of a silver, gold, or bronze 4-inch handle.  Decorative glass cabinet knobs are a perfect marriage with our Aqua Glass Bubble Cabinet Knobs.

New glass bubble drawer handles will add renewed life to coastal or beach-themed decors or a renovated kitchen by pairing matched handles and knobs.  

  • Slim Handles                 ‏4.00-Inch
  • Hole-to-Hole distance    3.75-Inch
  • Screw length:                1.75-Inch approx.
  • Screw length intended to be customized.  Click here for Install Tips.
  • Installation hardware included.
  • Tighten with care.
  • Next-day shipping.
  • Sold as:  Set of (2) glass bubble accents and (1) handle per set.

These will be prepared for shipping with extra care and handling to ensure safe delivery.  As always, we combine purchases for shipping discounts. 


2 reviews
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