Install Tips

Installation Instructions

Most of our knobs have pre-mounted screws and install from the front of the door or drawer.  Knobs are secured on the back side of the cabinet door with a washer and nut. Some of our porcelain knobs have more than one screw length available, so check the product listing for options.

Doors having slim depths requiring a minimal length. Therefore, the screw length may appear unusually long at first glance, but the screw is intended to be customized for your installation requirement.

The knob screws are purposely left longer to accommodate antique and older furniture and doors which can be very thick. Also, the front panels of drawers often have extra support panels in place making them thicker to add strength. In those cases, installations also need additional screw length.

Starting Tips:
Step One: Insert in the knob onto the cabinet door or drawer before customizing the screw length.

Step Two:  Determine the screw length needed while the knob is in place in the door or drawer and make your screw cut.

Step Three:  Tighten the bolt securely on the back side.
Important Note for Users:  Twisting the glass or porcelain upper knob section to tighten the knobs in place is dangerous.  This may cause the knob to break away from the knob base.  Tightening from the back side is the safe approach.

Flush Mount Instructions:  Handymen and installers use a variety of tools to customize screws. If you know anyone who enjoys crafts, likely they have a Dremel tool cutting wheel which will produce a very clean cut. A hacksaw will work but perhaps will not produce as clean a slice. Professional installers have other cutting tools available.

When creating a flush mount on the back of the cabinet door or drawer, another handy tool is electric screwdriver counter sync bit. The bit will drill a very small half-moon shaped notch into the back of a cabinet door.  The knobs and screws are inserted from the front of the door, and the notch will be just large enough to allow the nut to be wound into the notch as a flush mount.

The flush mount not only looks cool, but also prevents accidental encounters with a raw end of the screw.

Good luck with your installation. If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact me. We are always here and happy to help you.

Diana Dwyer