Antique Modern Clear Glass Cabinet Knobs 1.16, 1.25 1.50 Inch (s)

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Antique Modern / Clear Beveled Glass
Cabinet Knobs / Dresser Drawer Pulls


Vintage style sparkling molded clear glass cabinet knobs have 12 paneled sides and traditional beveled top edges — a rich blend for retro-to-modern decors and use in any room.
These incredible knobs have been discounted due to minor and hard-to-detect flaws that, by and large, share a quality of near-universal uniformity.  All screws and bolts are in perfect working condition.

Add restored life to the kitchens, furniture, or bi-folds. Ideal for today's retro-modern living - add a wealth of character and sparkle.  

  • Diameter (Large)........ 1½"
  • Diameter (Medium).....  1¼"
  • Diameter (Small)........ 1⅛"
  • Average screw length... 1½"
  • Screw length intended to be customized.  Click here for Install Tips.
  • Glass knob with 12 paneled sides.
  • Distinctively polished finish.
  • Installation hardware included.
  • Tighten with care.
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  • Item sold as:    Lot of (1) piece.

    Clear Glass Knobs will be packed with extra care and handling to ensure safe delivery. We combine purchases for shipping discounts.

    Note: Photo of two knobs is for display purposes only.
    The photo does not represent that a "pair" or "set" of knobs is for sale.

    No reviews
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